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Green Service

We commend you for taking the time to learn about this exciting green electric journey…how to use energy from the sun and wind paired with storage to generate and distribute DC electricity on-site or in collaboration with the AC grid. At PVI, clean, green energy is not only part of our future but part of our present.

We cut our Green Teeth on the DC Microgrid at The Alliance Center…a 40,000sf, six story historic building in downtown Denver, CO. The project provided us with a learning laboratory for retrofitting commercial buildings using solar energy and storage to improve efficiency by eliminating AC/DC conversions, reducing costs, and increasing security. PVI leaned on its experience using battery storage at data center hubs to integrate dual input utilizing both AC and DC. The use of Direct Current without inverting it to AC provides forward leaning on-site delivery of DC electricity to the lighting and plug loads at The Alliance.

PVI Construction provided critical leadership to the Alliance project by taking a vision and creating a functioning, scalable reality. ‘While we managed construction and integration of the enabling technologies, this project at the Alliance means far more to PVI than just another project,’ said Bern Gallagher, President of PVI. ‘We believe in the future of clean energy and invested our resources to achieve the region’s first operational DC Microgrid’…

No need to go it alone as you consider clean energy…we consider ourselves, first and foremost, teachers and mentors. We are here to guide your path to secure, reliable clean electricity at lower cost for your clients….for data centers, for tech hubs, for seamless lighting and plug loads in office settings, for warehouses, for electric vehicle chargers, for high tech conditioned air, and to replace your client’s diesel generators.

Following our landmark work with Direct Current at The Alliance, PVI continued to grow its green footprint. We jumped at opportunities to expand our clean energy efforts, here are two on-going stories.